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  • Issayas Tesfamariam

Kab Feleg -2018 / ካብ ፈለግ ታሪኽ- 2018 Remarkable Untold Stories of Eritrean Ascaris

An Eritrean documentary film directed by: Ghidey Gebremichael.

Title: Kab Feleg Tarik- 2018/ካብ ፈለግ ታሪኽ- 2018

Brief description: Remarkable untold stories of Eritrean ascaris (Italian colonial soldiers) who fought in the 1930s in the Italian-Libyan War, the Italian-Abyssinian War and the 1941 British-Italian War in Eritrea.

Must watch! Worth your time.

Click on "Watch on Vimeo"

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