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  • Issayas Tesfamariam

Meeting a member of the "third generation" of the first Eritrean in the US.

In mid-December 2017, I was in Dallas, Texas for my youngest sister's graduation in software engineering. Through my previous contact and discussion with Mr. Toldemedhin A.Elife, the youngest son of Aboi (Elder) Abraha Elefe (one of the first Eritreans to come to the US in 1924), I knew that Mr. Toldemedhin's nephew, Mr. Thomas Lee, resides in Dallas.

Mr. Toldemedhin is the only surviving child of Aboi Abraha. The other elder siblings of Mr. Toldemedhin were: Gloria, Millicent and Abraha.

Taking the opportunity, I asked Mr. Lee to meet me. Even though I have spoken with Mr. Lee at various times, it was my first time meeting him.

Mr. Lee is one of the two sons of Millicent Abraha Elefe.

To recall the story of Aboi Abraha, check the following links:

Here are some of the highlights of our discussion about his grandfather:

* Aboi Abraha died when Thomas was 18.

* His grandfather was very funny, jovial, and very friendly).

* Thomas remembers that his grandfather's apartment was full of people

(Eritreans, Ethiopians, and others) every weekend.

* He was an impeccable dresser.

* He wanted us (kids) to each injera, but we preferred "hamburgers". We

didn't know any better then.

Mr. Thomas Lee gave me the pictures below. Thank you.

When Mr. Abraha Elefe visited Eritrea in 1943. Second from right (standing)

Notice the Eritrean traditional fly whisk

Aboi Abraha with his daughter, Millicent, and her husband, Lee.

Mr. Thomas' parents

Meeting Mr. Thomas Lee

Finally, if you know any of the people on the pictures above, please contact me.

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