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  • Issayas Tesfamariam


At the sideline of the UN General Assembly meeting, Eritrean Foreign Minister, Mr. Osman and Polish Foreign Minister, Mr. Waszczykowski; discussed bilateral relations.

Looking back in history, there were two events where Eritrea and Poland had direct and indirect contact.

The first was in the 18th century, when Christina, Queen of Poland, became the godmother (Czar Peter became the godfather) of Abraham Hannibal, the Eritrean protégé of Czar Peter, in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The second was during World War II. The British who ruled Eritrea from 1941-1952 wanted 6000 Polish refugees who were in Palestine to be relocated to Eritrea. Even though the Polish Government in Exile did not like and was reluctant to the idea, at the end of various discussions and reports, 100 Polish citizens were relocated to Eritrea.

Below please find one official report written in Polish in 1944. Also find a rough translation of the main points in English.

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