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  • Issayas Tesfamariam

Congratulations, Dr. Aida Habtezion!

Dr. Aida Habtezion is an endowed Ballinger-Swindells family scholar, and associate professor of medicine - Gastroenterology & Hepatology - at Stanford University. Dr. Habtezion runs the Habtezion lab at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr. Habtezion recently won a Synergy Award from the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, and has been inducted to the American Society for Clinical Investigation, ASCI (2017). Also, Dr. Habtezion is appointed a tenured professor at Stanford University's School of Medicine (2017).

Congratulations! to Dr. Aida Habtezion.

To check on the work of Dr. Aida Habtezion, check out:

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